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New tacook Rice Cooker

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New tacook Rice Cooker

Japan Tiger Corporation of U.S.A., a division of Tiger Corporation, a leader in small kitchen electrics, announces the introduction of a new rice cooker model, JAJ-A55U for consumers to easily cook rice and a main dish at the same time. With a 3-cup capacity, the JAJ-A55U is the smallest in their family of tacook rice cookers.

Available in pink or white, the JAJ-A55U rice cooker with its modern square design, will be a welcome addition to any kitchen. It is small enough to display on a counter, even in the smallest of kitchens.

A drop-down front panel reveals the easy-to-use micro-computerized menu settings. Tiger rice cookers with tacook function can cook two dishes simultaneously. They use the “Synchro-Cooking” function with an included BPA-free plastic cooking plate, which sits over the rice inner pan. The steam from the cooking rice rises to cook the food in the cooking plate. The steam is then released from the top so it doesn’t return to the bottom, thereby retaining the integrity of the flavor of the rice.

“Our attractive JAJ rice cookers look very different from other micom rice cookers,” said Mr. Kentaro Matsumoto, President of Japan Tiger Corporation of U.S.A. “The small footprint and pleasing colors will look great with any kitchen décor and the easy to use menu will make the home chef happy.”

Additional features include a non-stick inner pot for easy cleanup, an exclusive cookbook, and a clean-looking exterior with a cover to hide the operation panel.

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