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Iced Vanilla Latte

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Iced Vanilla Latte - Tiger USA


At its core, a latte is a mixture of coffee and milk (dairy or non-dairy). In fact the translation of caffe latte is milk coffee. Now, while espresso is usually used, we’ve been known to use drip coffee in a pinch. And the addition of vanilla syrup sends the whole flavor profile in to overdrive.


This iced latte recipe is so easy to make, you may find yourself skipping that daily run to the coffee shop in favor of drinking your own brew.

Simply mix cold coffee, cream, vanilla syrup and cinnamon powder (see the ingredients tab on this page for the exact measurements). Mix it and serve over ice.

Pro tip: If you make hot coffee at home every morning, pour the unused portion from the pot into a container that you keep in the fridge. That way you’ll have iced coffee on demand!

Want to make a skinny vanilla latte instead? That’s easy. Just substitute skim milk (or almond milk) for the cream – and you’re in business!


Your Tiger travel mug is tailor made for keeping your drinks at the temperature you originally poured them in at. You see, the vacuum insulation allows the stainless steel interior to keep drinks cold for 6+ hours. And the same applies to hot drinks!

That way, your vanilla latte will be just right whether you drink it right away – or save it for your afternoon coffee break.

Whether you’re at work or school, it’s always a good idea to keep hydrated (and quite possibly caffeinated as well). Check out some of our other delicious and easy drink recipes you can bring with you in your travel mug:

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Iced Vanilla Latte

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No need to blow big bucks at the coffee shop every morning to get your coffee fix! We’ve got a vanilla iced latte recipe that is so easy to make, your friends and co-workers may start calling you the barista!




  1. Place all the ingredients in a Tiger stainless tumbler, stir and enjoy!
  • 1 cup Cold coffee
  • ¼ cup Cream
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla syrup
  • ¼ tspn Cinnamon powder
  • Ice cubes

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