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New Colors Released for Stainless Steel Thermal Products

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Tiger Corporation announces the release of new colors in their thermal ware product lines.

“Beverage bottles have become an accessory to many consumers and make a fashion statement on their own. That is why we refresh our line of products and introduce new colors for the American consumer,” said Mr. Kentaro Matsumoto, President of Tiger Corporation. “Whether on the field, at a yoga class, or at work or school, the Tiger bottles are part of our culture. In addition, the super clean plus interior, lightweight material and attractive colors, make them a top choice.”

MCL Series

The new colors for MCL Soup Cups are Indigo Blue, Chili Red, and Saffron Yellow, adding more vivid colors to the lineup.

MMZ Series

Aqua Blue, Passion Pink and Ice White colors are added to the MMZ series, creating even more variety to the bottle family.

MMP Series

Powder Black, Powder Pink and Powder Green colors are added to the compact size MMP series.

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