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Tiger Corporation Introduces Stainless Electric Water Heater

10.19.14 | New Products

Japan Tiger Corporation of U.S.A., a division of Tiger Corporation, a leader in small kitchen electrics, announces the introduction of a new black and stainless electric water dispenser. The PDU-A comes in three convenient sizes: 3.0L, 4.0L, and 5.0L for people who enjoy hot beverages every day whether at home or in an office setting.

A new soft touch lever makes it easy to dispense the hot liquid at the push of a button. With four pre-programmed temperature settings (208°F/194°F/176°F/158°F), the PDU-A heats the water to the desired temperature. In addition, a reboil function quickly brings water back to boiling. The water heater can be used for a variety of beverages such as very hot liquids for tea and instant foods and lower temperature water for baby formula.

Two sleep-timer settings (6-hour or 9-hour) allow for water to boil at a pre-selected time so it is ready when needed. Additional features include an energy saving setting and a safety shut-off in the event of low water in the unit. The PDU-A is also spill proof and leak proof.

“We’re excited to introduce the PDU-A Electric Water Heater to the U.S. market. The sleek black and stainless design will complement any kitchen whether at home or in the office,” said Mr. Kentaro Matsumoto, President of Japan Tiger Corporation of U.S.A. “The new light-push lever makes it easy to use without fear of splashing and the four temperature settings means the water will be available for different types of teas and other hot liquids.”

Additional features include a non-stick inner container for easy cleanup, and a dechlorination feature that eliminates unpleasant taste.

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