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  • Plain Rice

Specifications / User Manual

Capacity 3 Cups

Dimensions (in)W9.1 x D8.7 x H8.8
Dimensions (cm)W23.1 x D22.1 x H22.3
Electric RatingCook 305W
ColorLovely Flower (FL)

Capacity 5.5 Cups

Dimensions (in)W10.7 x D9.8 x H10.3
Dimensions (cm)W27.3 x D24.9 x H26.2
Electric RatingCook 505W
ColorLovely Flower (FL)

Capacity 8 Cups

Dimensions (in)W11.8 x D10.7 x H10.7
Dimensions (cm)W29.9 x D27.2 x H27.3
Electric RatingCook 560W
ColorLovely Flower (FL)

Capacity 10 Cups

Dimensions (in)W11.8 x D10.7 x H11.7
Dimensions (cm)W29.9 x D27.2 x H29.7
Electric RatingCook 650W
ColorLovely Flower (FL)

Convetional Style Rice Cooker

Classic rice cooker that has been passed on for generations
Convetional Style Rice Cooker

Automatic Keep Warm for 12 hours

Rice cooker can keep warm for up to 12 hours
Automatic Keep Warm for 12 hours

Scratch Resistant Inner Pot

Aluminum material with fluorine coating used on the inner pot
Scratch Resistant Inner Pot

Retractable Power Cord

The retractable power cord adds convenience when carrying and storing your rice cooker
Retractable Power Cord

Cooks White Rice in No Time

White rice is cooked perfectly in a short amount of time
Cooks White Rice in No Time

Easily Disassemble

Inner lid and steam gaskets are detachable for easier cleaning
Easily Disassemble

Accessories Included

Spatula & Rice Measuring Cup

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