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Avocado & Mixed Berry Smoothie

Recipe of the Month: Jun

Recipe of the Month: June 2018 Check out our new food jar recipe. Avocado & Mixed Berry Smoothie

Skinny Vegetarian Mexican Chili

Recipe of the Month: May

Recipe of the Month: May 2018 Check out our new rice cooker recipe. Skinny Vegetarian Mexican Chili

Poke Bowl and Purple Potato Salad

Recipe of the Month: Apr

Recipe of the Month: April 2018 Check out our new rice cooker recipe. Poke Bowl and Purple Potato...



Tiger Corporation is pleased to announce the partnership of two new service centers one in the Da...

New Colors Released for Stainless Steel Thermal Products

Thermal Wares

Tiger Corporation announces the release of new colors in their thermal ware product lines. “Bever...

Kombucha Noodle Soup

Recipe of the Month: Jan

Recipe of the Month: January 2018 Check out our new water heater recipe. Kombucha Noodle Soup

Mushroom Mixed Rice + Pork And Napa Cabbage Mille-Feuille

Recipe of the Month: Dec

Recipe of the Month: December 2017 Check out our new rice cooker recipe. Mushroom Mixed Rice + Po...

Autumn Rice Pilaf with Chicken Mushroom Green Bean Casserole

Recipe of the Month: Nov

Recipe of the Month: November 2017 Check out our new rice cooker recipe. Autumn Rice Pilaf with C...

Halloween Rice Pudding

Recipe of the Month: Oct

Recipe of the Month: October 2017 Check out our new rice cooker recipe. Halloween Rice Pudding

Notice of Office Relocation


Tiger Corporation U.S.A. announces it has changed its office location. The new address is: Please...

Tiger Corporation establishes spare parts store online


No need to worry our business hours! Now, you can purchase spare parts through our website anytim...

BBQ Pulled Pork “Slow Cooker”

Recipe of the Month: Oct

Perfect BBQ pulled pork recipe to feed a crowd with easy to follow instructions using “Slow Cook”...

MCC Stainless Steel Soup Cup

Thermal Wares

First day of autumn has officially arrived. Cook your favorite fall dishes and take them with you...

Rice Dishes

Recipe of the Month: Sep

Celebrate the season of new harvest rice (shinmai) with tips on cooking fluffy rice and a variety...

MCA-B Stainless Steel Soup Cup

Thermal Wares

Get ready for the school year with new macaroon inspired pastel colored soup cup. Soup Cups MCA-B025

Rice Cooker Korean Short Ribs

Recipe of the Month: Aug

Check out our new rice cooker recipe using the slow cook function. Rice Cooker Korean Short Ribs ...

Winter Holiday Drinks

Recipe of the Month: May

Get in the winter holiday spirit with delicious drinks that can be prepared with Tiger’s product....

New Ultra-Light Stainless Steel Bottles

Thermal Wares

Torrance, CA, For Immediate Release – Japan Tiger Corporation of U.S.A. (http://www.usa.tiger-cor...

New tacook Rice Cooker

Kitchen Products

Japan Tiger Corporation of U.S.A., a division of Tiger Corporation, a leader in small kitchen ele...

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