Cook healthier meals!

Reduced Oil + Shorter Cooking | Times Make your daily meal more healthy! | Rice Cooker JBX tacook

  • Entrust the tacook plate to create healthy meals for your family!


Menu Options — Plain・Short・Brown・Porridge

Seven-Herb Rice Porridge

Various dishes will be ready
before you know it.

Multi-functional rice cooker

The Tiger exclusive cooking plate and inner pot enables you to cook simultaneously.
A time saving kitchen tool for your busy life. Tacook will create a better and healthier lifestyle for your family.

    • STEP 01 Set the washed rice.
    • STEP 02 Place the ingredients in the cooking plate and place in the rice cooker
    • STEP 03 Choose the "Synchro-Cooking" menu and press the [Start] button. The rice and dish will be ready at the same time!"

Because we want our family to be fit and healthy

    • A healthy way of cooking with less oil.
    • A special cooking plate removes extra oil.
      tacook: cuts 40% more oils than standard cooking methods.
      Healthy tacook: cuts 10% more oils than the previous tacook.
      Try tacook for healthy recepies
    • About Healthy tacook

      The Healthy tacook cooking plate cuts oils by 10% more than the previous tacook.
      In addition, it will remove excess moisture
      ※Only available for JBX-A10U / JBX-A18U model
    • Cook delicious meals with less electricity

      Tastier meals with less electricity. No gas needed with tacook's great thermal efficiency.

Optimal cooking /
keeping warm while maintaining long lasting flavor

4 types of sensors

  • Cooking rice
    • ・Proceeding to the next cooking process at the right timing.
    • ・Don't miss the important boiling process.
    • ・Cook the rice when it has the most flavor.
    • Center sensor
    • detects the temperature of the inner pan in all steps.
    • Steam sensorNEW
    • detects boiling with steam.
  • Keep Warm
    • ・Preventing water condensation from mixing with the cooked rice.
    • ・Prevents the rice from becoming watery during the keep warm function, keeping it delicious.
    • Body sensor
    • Cover sensorNEW
    • detects the temperature of the cover heater and the body.
      These sensors help adjust the temperature of the heater.

Product Information

  • JBX+A10/18U
    JBX-A10U / JBX-A18U
  • JBX+B10/18U
    JBX-B10U / JBX-B18U